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Moments of Realization – Fooled By Flashiness

We want to believe that we are aware and peering into the “true colors” (to borrow from 18th century naval idioms) of the facts around us. Sometimes, however, we realize how blind we can be to the façades that face us every day. I had a moment of realization about this when I was playing Bit. Trip Saga a little while back. Continue reading

The Right Amount of Dancing for You: The Personal Quest for Enjoyment

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…there are always different measures of success. It’s important to understand what kind of experience we are looking for, what elements of that experience we value most and what elements we are willing to sacrifice. Continue reading

Seeing Random Walks in Speed Runs (Part I)

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3…2…1… GO!!! And the race is off. Got the boost. Looking good. Drift the corner and…. WO!?!? there goes my ghost from last run. An unforgettable and befuzzling event that seems to be a motif of speed runs and time trials. Continue reading

The Internet: Changing the Gaming Experience for the Better

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Growing up, there was always the choice to sled down my driveway or at the local golf course. The local golf course had advantages; people had trail-blazed paths, it was larger and steeper, I could interact with people I didn’t know, perhaps try someone else’s sled. Continue reading

Games and Movies: The Expectation of Revival

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Obviously, I don’t go through life with an expectation of revival. If I walked in front of a speeding truck I wouldn’t expect to just wake up in my bed a moment later, a day earlier. But I think the idea still holds insights relating to 1) a juxtaposition to reality and 2) the tactician’s perspective. Continue reading

Games and Movies: The Expectation of Survival

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I wasn’t cognizant of the fact that I was dreaming, but was present enough to abstract out of the setting I was thrown into, and confidently decide that I was in a movie/game. For whatever reason (perhaps setting, cinematography, and general vibe) I had some cognitive foresight which changed the way I approached each frightening situation. Continue reading