Tea With Flo: Florencia Minuzzi (budding writer/game writer) keeps an archive of her free short stories and sample chapters here. I (Dustin) am currently working with her on the early stages of two game designs, in which she’s contributing the writing and helping with overall narrative. I’d tell you all about how great a writer she is, but take the time to just go and let her work speak for itself – you won’t be sorry.

Simran Khosla: Simran is a good friend of Dylan’s and is the hand behind the paintbrush of the Gamer’s Eyes banner. Check out some of her artwork! It’s pretty psychedelic 🙂 

5 thoughts on “Affiliates

  1. cosmothea

    I’ve always believed in building teams of like-minded writers and other creative individuals for my own game design work. The whole 2 or more heads are better than one concept can work as long as you find the right people and leave egos at the door. I’ve had good luck with it so far and wish you guys the best!

    1. connorbros Post author

      Thanks, it’s always great to hear of such collaborations working out, and we look forward to adding our own experiences to the pile. There is so much to gain by adding one, two, or more additional perspectives to a project (with the management issues/working together instead of against each other caveats firmly in place).


  2. cosmothea

    Yes, you definitely need to have certain elements in place to ensure teams work well together. Leaving ego at the door is very important, but you have to have someone at the top – not lording it over the others, but everyone needs to be going in the same direction, under a united vision, etc. Good luck with your own endeavors, connorbros! Sorry I just only now saw your comment.

  3. Jacedilla

    Very cool! I’m excited to follow your blog – feel free to check back with mine for the latest game news and brilliant reviews!



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