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Seeing Random Walks in Speed Runs (Part II)

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Understanding that the path to success has its ups and downs has been an integral part in keeping a positive attitude during times of scattered results… there are always peaks and troughs in the path to a happy and fulfilling life.

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Seeing Random Walks in Speed Runs (Part I)

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3…2…1… GO!!! And the race is off. Got the boost. Looking good. Drift the corner and…. WO!?!? there goes my ghost from last run. An unforgettable and befuzzling event that seems to be a motif of speed runs and time trials. Continue reading

Learning Curve: Know Your Boundaries

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There is a big difference between a steep hill and a 90 degree cliff. For someone that likes taking on challenging tasks, it can be important for me to understand which hills are climbable and what tasks I’m simply not ready for yet. Continue reading