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Hello to all readers! As a premiere post we thought it would be good to introduce ourselves and give you an idea of what to expect from this blog. We – that is Destina and Dylan Connor – have been gamers for pretty much as long as we can remember. Our like fascination in gaming evolved to become a focal point in our relationship. Though separated by the Atlantic Ocean for the past 12 plus years (just barely eking out the majority of Dylan’s life), we have found solace in our gaming passion which has been a strong proponent for a continual dialogue even from distant lands. This blog looks to act as a medium for just that, a dialogue on gaming. However, we want it to be a dialogue between us and you, our readers.

Destina’s posts, entitled What I Hope I Like About (WIHILA) and What I Like About (WILA), will give a prospective and retrospective view of game design elements in specific games. WIHILA will present the expectations out of the box; here Destina will address the element(s) that piqued her interest in a game touching on both her expectations as well as personal commentary on how a specific game design choice could make or break the game. WILA will be more of a review style format (possible spoilers included) that will elaborate on how the WIHILA game design choice or some other element shined. The focus is on what the game could (WIHILA) or did (WILA) do well, especially in a way that can be drawn on or replicated in future game design.

Dylan’s blog, The Gamer’s Eye, will focus on how he feels games have helped him learn and grow into the person he is today. In his life, games have acted as a microcosm world where a vast array of situations can come up with little to no real life consequences. Thus he uses games as a catalyst to question moral dilemmas, buttress meaningful proverbs and evaluate issues that would otherwise be quite foreign to him.

If you would like a bit more detail on either side of the blog, we recommend having a look at What I Like About Introductions or The Gamer’s Eye: Introduction, the respective introductory posts. Or just dive right in and see for yourself. We will start by taking turns posting once per week and figure out the pacing from there. So that’s it for now. Again let us emphasize (or emphasise, depending on which of us is writing at the time) that we hope this can become a dialogue; we present our thoughts and open the door to learn from you, so don’t shy away from telling us what you think. Our turn, your turn… after all, this is Turn Based Living.

6 thoughts on “About the Blog

    1. connorbros Post author

      Thanks! This is pretty cool 🙂 It’s a neat way to share connections and help spread enthusiasm! We will have to decide if we should reply separately or as one :O


    1. connorbros Post author

      Thanks for the nomination! So sorry we didn’t get something up sooner, it took us a bit to mobilize and then I actually just totally forgot to post what we had written! Since we did something very similar for the Sunshine, we didn’t try to find more facts and references, but we answered the questions. More details about us for the interwebs!



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