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Personal Experience and a World of Judgement (Part I)

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People look for different experiences in their games. In the broadest sense, we can pick up different genres. However, as I continue to play and interact with different games, I realize more how much this concept can be broken down deeper.

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Fit vs. Complacency (Part II)

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Last time I talked about finding that feeling of fit and coming to grips with that balance of what works well for us versus areas that we have taught ourselves complacency. Today I want to jump into the topic of dissecting the components of that fit. Continue reading

Fit vs. Complacency (Part I)

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There is a big difference between something that feels right because you are doing it and something that you do because it feels right. As a generally optimistic, go-with-the-flow kind of fellow I find that given most situations I can manage at least a feeling of complacency. Continue reading