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Games and Movies: The Expectation of Revival

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Obviously, I don’t go through life with an expectation of revival. If I walked in front of a speeding truck I wouldn’t expect to just wake up in my bed a moment later, a day earlier. But I think the idea still holds insights relating to 1) a juxtaposition to reality and 2) the tactician’s perspective. Continue reading

Games and Movies: The Expectation of Survival

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I wasn’t cognizant of the fact that I was dreaming, but was present enough to abstract out of the setting I was thrown into, and confidently decide that I was in a movie/game. For whatever reason (perhaps setting, cinematography, and general vibe) I had some cognitive foresight which changed the way I approached each frightening situation. Continue reading

Personal Experience and a World of Judgement (Part I)

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People look for different experiences in their games. In the broadest sense, we can pick up different genres. However, as I continue to play and interact with different games, I realize more how much this concept can be broken down deeper.

Continue reading

Gamer’s Eye: The Namesake

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Now that I have written a couple posts, I thought it would be a good time to write a piece talking about the namesake of my column here at TurnBasedLiving.

The Gamer’s [Insert body part here] is a fun go to phrase that I have always thrown around when playing with friends and family. The phrase definitely feels fairly universal to me, but I’m not sure how much it is used by others. In general, it refers to an adroitness or phenomenon that (often stereotypically) exists amongst gamers. Continue reading