Playing With Aesthetics: Shin Megami Tensei 4

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Our first game is Shin Megami Tensei IV. Tell us what you think!


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~Destina and Dylan

4 thoughts on “Playing With Aesthetics: Shin Megami Tensei 4

  1. wylliamjudd

    This gadget is really cool. I wish I could participate, but I haven’t played this game. Did you forget to enter a value for Sensation, or is the graph designed to look like that?

    1. connorbros Post author

      Yeah, I think it is a really cool framework and is an interesting lens to look a games with. We thought Sensation and Fellowship were both non relevant Aesthetics in the game, so left them as 0.


      1. wylliamjudd

        I know what you mean. There’s an urge for me to see how a game fits all the categories, but that’s not really the point. It’s better to look at a game’s strengths. I was just wondering because there’s no line form abnegation to sensation. I guess that’s just how the graphic works.

    2. connorbros Post author

      Hm, yeah, that is a good point. I’m not sure why it doesn’t complete the circle. I does it in my excel version but not the google docs version. Kinda weird.


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